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Tour Player Link

Tour Player Link

Over the years we have continued to receive more and more requests from Tour players who enjoy our bags, requesting sponsorship support with their Tour bags and other related expenses. At the same time, because 85% of our business is corporate based, we receive many requests from companies looking to assist Tour players in order to promote their brand. Since UFO Tour Golf does not directly sponsor players and rather acts as a sourcing agent to the sponsors , we are working to help bring players and potential corporate sponsors together to help each other grow.

If you are currently a PGA, LPGA, Champions or Mini Tour player this may be an opportunity for you to meet a potential sponsor.

If you are a Company who would like to help sponsor a player with something as simple as a bag for his or her Tour use featuring your company, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you to a player in need of support. It is a tax deductible business expense as it helps grow your business and at the same time, helps a great player.

The Process:

We will contact both parties individually to discuss what each is looking for. If we determine we have a good fit, each party will be asked for permission for us to send an introduction email including  both player and sponsor. Following the email UFO Tour Golf will step away and the player and sponsor will take it from there. This is a complimentary service from UFO Tour Golf and will not carry a fee. There is NOT a guarantee we will be able to pair all requests but we will do our best. We hope over time this will help both players and sponsors alike.

Thank you and let's have a great 2016 season!

Please fill out our submission form.

(*Note: This service is currently available for United States and Canadian players only)


Steve Hopkins


UFO Tour Golf

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